Single Source, organically grown hemp products.


One Tru Human makes the CBD products you need, at precisely the moment when you need it.


We proudly offer single-source, organically grown Pacific Northwest Hemp. We work hand in hand with one farm. We extract, finish, formulate and package under our roof from there.

Why should you care? Because the source of your hemp from the soil it’s grown on to the people that transform it matters.


There's a One Tru Human product for everyone.

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As a lifelong athlete I make it a priority to train and supplement my body with the best products to help optimize and maintain my performance. I’ve used Tru CBD every morning for the past six months.
— Jay Lane 43, Los Angeles
I’ve been having an easier time breathing and digesting. It also calms the baseline anxiety of living in NYC, where I’m exposed to inflammatory toxins daily.
— Britney V 27, New York
Mom and Dad.jpeg
I’ve been taking TRU for sleeping and I’m finding it helpful. I mentioned to my hairdresser about the product and she was very interested since she has knee pain and foot paint constantly.
— Luanne 72, Queens New York