Our farmers name is Liz, and let me tell you…Liz loves her horses. By chance and by fate we managed collide. Liz made a major life change a little over a year ago, when she up and sold her liquor store and bought 173 acres of farmland. At 73 years of age, this is quite an undertaking. She struggled to figure out which particular crop she wished to start cultivating and accidentally got ahold of a good amount of hemp seedlings. The struggle only continued as she and her daughter planted the young seedlings in hope of growth. Lets reiterate that they have had no prior experience with crops, this was there first go at it. Liz spoke of over watering, lack of feminization of the seeds, strange growth until there darlin’ handyman piped up with a world of knowledge of cultivation due to his experience growing hemps lovable sibling, marijuana. As Liz and her daughter were telling me this story she was up in arms saying how she wondered why he hadn’t spoke up sooner!

The world of marijuana and hemp has otherwise been hidden away and spoken of in hushed tones. Basically - he did not want his employer to get the wrong idea about him or make a judgement about his nature. Little did he know his knowledge was needed.

They then began the good work. With his guidance and their perseverance, the crops began to flourish.