CBD 201

CBD 201

CBD 201 -

Now that you know about CBD let CBD know about you

Congratulations on passing CBD 101 and if you haven’t yet, there are 45 million websites that have all the same.... exact...... class. Chances are you probably have already passed.

(Or call me on the hotline and I will save you some time)

For a good few years now I have worked intimately with this plant ~ in both THC (cannabis) and CBD (hemp) forms ~ I have performed every function of bringing it from a seed to many various applications. I have been fortunate to have worked with exceptionally talented and dedicated people that are among the pioneers. I am grateful to them and their trust in me. I didn’t buy my way in, I bled my
way in.

I started in the dark trim rooms.... I watched and I studied, I learned and advanced and grew with the plants.
They are here for a damn good reason, I believe that with all my being.

Through this schooling and experience and experimenting with every product I could, I will always believe in whole plant formulas and maintaining as close a copy to the plant as it was in the ground.
There’s no broad spectrum broccoli, we just eat the thing and our body knows what to do with it and it’s really good for us.

There isn’t any olive isolate, they squeeze the oil out of the olive and put it in a bottle as it was in the olive.
Yes, I believe in the future of super targeted medicines that will be unlocked through isolating cannabinoids but they have some real work ahead of them. Laws are changing the plant is finally getting deep into the hands of the men and women who can really figure it out and start to really heal some very serious ailments. They have come quite far already and they are still just getting started.
But a simple oil for use in, on and around our body and life works perfectly well and keeps me out of a pharmacy.
As the old saying goes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So in my opinion:
Taking a dropper in the morning or at night is cool if everything else is cool. Give your body only what it needs for optimal performance. I believe this should be considered daily with any complimentary vitamin or nutritional regimen.
Remember mom saying “Eat your vegetables!”?
Well, kind of the same thing. “Take your cannabinoids too!”
After all, your endocannabinoid system has needs too, it's only one of the most amazing assets of our anatomy and it’s been widely ignored because no one on the planet knew we had one before 1991. Now we know we have one so and let’s reflect on the root of the word and think of what it may need. That’s why cannabinoids work.

That all said..... learning to use the whole plant properly takes a bit of paying attention and discovering of how much you need for what is going on in your life. Hopefully you don’t need much at all but if you do then take as much as you need it’s ok, you may get sleepy if you go overboard. It beats the side effects of the alternative that’s for sure. No moments of rage, kidney failure, homicidal thoughts or explosive diarrhea for me please. I’ll take the HEMP.
So if a daily dose helps maintain then it would only make sense if you’ve got a little something
extra going on then compensating for that would make sense. Supercharge your
endocannabinoid system so it can work quickly and efficiently to get you balanced again.
For example, I was hit by a car a month ago and bruised my ribs so bad I could barely walk for a
good week. I was taking almost 500 mg a day for the first few days and slowly tapered off. Two
weeks later I felt strong enough to get back on the bike.
I injured my ribs a few times in the past so I know the routine. I recovered quicker than I
expected and I was on a whole plant CBD, pasta and bread diet for those two weeks.

I went on a long bike ride this past weekend and I took about 100mg beforehand for two reasons. First was to really pay attention to fatigue and focus. Second, was as an experiment for the prevention of a taint flare up. Trial 1 was great. I felt clear headed and I was seeing traffic and my route quite sharply. I rode about 40 miles which is a lot for me in a day and when I was done I didn’t really feel the aches that I usually get from a longer ride. Unfortunately, for the second test, I’m not sure many taints can come away from that unaffected! It’s still sore!
I’ve also struggled with anxiety for almost all of my adult life. I refused prescription drugs and learned how to play all the events at the mental olympics to teach myself to manage it myself.
The reason I do what I do now is because a few years ago I was growing tired of playing in the mental games. I was given so much comfort from this plant and it has been such a gentle helper that I decided to dedicate my life to it. Simple as that.
So now I mostly watch the games from the stands and sometimes it means I have to take up to 300mg in one dose to stay in those stands. ( side note : all at once isn’t super fun so take one hold it a minute under your tongue and repeat as many times as you learn you need to) Sure sometimes I still manage to get a toe caught on the field but that’s life and we should strive take control of it.
Why under the tongue? Well, it’s either that or up the butt. Pick your pleasure. Those are our thinnest skin walls and enables us to directly absorb the cannabinoids into our bloodstream.

You lose a fair bit of potency to your digestive system if you just swallow it right away.
This and so much more is what I have learned from my mentors and it’s my obligation and my privilege to share it from a first hand point of view.
I have made myself a human cannabinoid petri dish for many years and I’ve been just fine .....
tho there was that one time when I accidentally had 250mg of cannabis and literally faced my own mortality but then laughed for two hours so it still all ended well and my back didn’t hurt for a good few days.
It’s not a harmful plant, believe me, if it was I think I would have found out the hard way by now. It has only benefited me the more I learned to use it and how it works with me.
As a compliment to everyday life understand that the hemp/cannabis plant has an attraction to
people and almost every mammal. We are full of cannabinoid receptors. Don’t let them be


Uncle Buck

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