How do thoughts become things?

How do thoughts become things?

A good set of daily questions. . .

The power of belief

If you think it, do you believe it?

If you believe it, do you speak it?

Once you speak it, do you do it ( like Nike )..?

Once you create it, do you continue to evolve with it?


Do you have a nurturing connection to sleep, to your dreams?

Is your reality different when you feel good internally and externally?

Do you invoke your inner child?

Do you realize everyday your youngest self lives inside you?

You are every age you've ever been today?

You are a miracle, it's incredible you've been alive for so long!


We believe that, if all our bottle of wellness does is spark a conversation about your mental health or general wellness, we have done our job.

We believe this plant is a gentle aid to help you find your best self.

We want you to have access to her (the plant, Hemp)

Be inquisitive, be curious, be tender, get off life's bender!

You are capable, everyday of having a good day and of making others days around you, good too.





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