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We are on our own journey as owners of this company, (speaking of Buck + myself) We incurred a journey that brought us to the place of creating a company, we had the journey of building something out of nothing, we continue to have quests seeking more knowledge about farming and plant life. 
We all have our journeys, and occasionally we cross paths with one another, right?
This human life is so unique and multiplied. Sometimes I stand in the middle of Los Angeles and just listen to how many things are happening at once, all around me. IT'S INSANE YALL ...THESE ARE INSANE TIMES. 
Regardless, every once in a while you get lucky and you meet people that stand beside you for a long time, you make enduring friendships every here and there. 
Friendship is the reason this company even exists.
A common denominator in the form of human, AL LOVER himself.
Buck and I would not have become friends if it were not for AL LOVER. Our mutually shared friend whom introduced us at a psych rock festival called Desert Daze about three years ago. A special comrade who has been our biggest skeptic! Al had known about Buck's work and cannabis and is a big cannabis lover himself, Al had also been aware of my farm life working with marijuana and even visited me on the farm once. But hemp.... Al was a stranger to. So as he saw the CBD BOOM hit the United States market place, he..like many others...was totally skeptical of the claims being made, the game being played and questioned the power behind the plant at all. 
Luckily, we have an enduring friendship and we have continued to nudge our plant oil and smokes towards him. We love Al not only because of his integrity but of his ability to challenge the status quo...so we are far beyond ecstatic to have gained his interest and support in our mission. 
As quarantine hit, the music industry was wiped out and will continue to remain on pause for the foreseeable future. Hell, live music might be the very last thing to be figured out. But regardless, Al is a musician, with a bit of a cult following. He has been evolving socially, musically and spiritually since forever but has been blowing our minds for the past four years.
Needless to say, he was hit hard during the pandemic and continues to look for ways to adapt to the current climate. We have wanted to collaborate with him for so long, in form of a sponsorship or product collaborate, SOMETHING! Finally, Buck pitched an idea that seemed ...fun. He asked Al to take a significant amount of TRU CBD Oil (6 or 7 full droppers) before he entered his music lab to get into a creation session. Al accepted the challenge. 
Al not only accepted this challenge but he blew our socks right off our little feet. He enjoyed the headspace he found through using the CBD and meditation so much that he created a whole album about his interest in the archetypal plant, Urpflanze.
I want you to click through to Al's album he created in the link below, it is meditative, it is a tool, it is for your mind, it is made for you listen to with intention. IT IS CONNECTED.
Take our CBD before you listen to it. GET CONNECTED. 
These sorts of connections are what we want to continue to elevate, because it's not just about these incredible, strong and resilient plants nor is it just about the people taking them. Our mission is about the symbiotic relationship formed between the plant and the person. And the possibilities that sprout in between them. 

Give Al's music a listen, give our plants a taste, give your mind intentional time to go inside yourself, LEARN



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