Ray of Sunshine's Post Partum Hemp Latte Recipe

Ray of Sunshine's Post Partum Hemp Latte Recipe

Ray is One Tru Human,

she made one of our favorite baby Tru Humans.

After she gave birth to that little one, founder + sister, Marion traveled to take care of the girls in Hawaii two days after the birthing.

Mama Ray had her make special lattes for them every morning and night, as a beginning ritual for finding calm.


As instructed, Ray advised heating one cup of almond milk and one cup of Oat Milk on the stove, and being brought to less than a simmer on low heat. Meanwhile cut open your tea packs of dandelion tea & let it heat in the milks. add the dashes of cardamon + cinnamon + healthy handfuls of fennel while steeping. Strain this concoction after allowing it to steep on low heat for 6-9 minutes.Then transfer your heated milks to a blender, from there have fun with your measurements!  Add your honey, MCT & Hemp Oil. Heck add some more cinnamon and cardamon while your at it!

+++In the mornings we added one dropper full of Hemp Oil because little one was mostly resting in the beginning of the day. But as we fell into night, Mama Ray needed a little assistance with the fuss so we added 2 dropper fulls to the mixture.

Serving Size: for 2 


-Two packets of Dandelion Tea 

-Healthy Handful of Fennel

-1 cup of Almond Milk 

-1 cup of Oat Milk 

- five dashes of ground Cardamon

-three dashes of ground Cinnamon

-a spoonful of Manuka Honey 

-A tablespoon of MCT

-a dropper full (or two) of OTH Hemp Oil 


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