"What if 'weed' was what eventually cured us as a planet?"

"What if 'weed' was what eventually cured us as a planet?"

My friend Jenna posed this question to me a few days ago when she sent me the link to this article, that I then digested afterwards. 

It's a good and legitimate source of science and study, and poses many interesting bits of understanding. I think the concepts behind using plants we smoke, is so fascinating. Since, as we all know, smoking has other wise been deemed negative and harmful to our bodies, in the eyes of the health departments. But it makes some sense and speaks to the larger truth of yin and yang.

Jenna asked the question, "What if weed was eventually what cured us as a planet?" and it truly made me chuckle. As someone who considers cannabis and hemp to be one of my main relationships, this truth would be something easy for me to attach to, as a belief. I would love to see it happen, I would love to see the worlds human inhabitants turn to the plants for rescuing. They have been here for us all along, patiently waiting to help + share. 

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