TRU Tinctures presents Full Plant Body CBD Oil

Lets take a brisk walk through our journey..

Crop sourcing, whats that entail?

Over the past couple of years we have spent a significant amount of time driving up and down the Pacific Northwest Coast of America, meeting with farmers. Along this journey we have met many talented and beautiful people, who are dedicated to growing and producing the highest quality of organically grown hemp. As a result of this process, we’ve found ourselves fortunate enough to meet our farmer - Liz.

Liz cares.

Liz grows small batch, high quality hemp.

We have selected her flowers, for the oil we wish to share with you.

Plant extraction, protective safety gear and science…

One name comes to mind, Marty Bates.

2 years ago, Marty converted his families 80 year old dairy barn into a licensed extraction lab. He and his son Sterling have dedicated their time to perfecting the craft of transforming, what was once, a full bodied hemp plant into a nutritious, superfood oil.

Its folks like Marty, who are really helping this industry find its legs.

We are very proud to work with people like Liz and like Marty.

Final formulations, the zing and the zam

Its very rare in this life, that you come across an individual who dedicates their whole life to making others feel better. Luckily, we came across a rare individual, Bruce. Bruce has been creating formulations since the time when people were not allowed to be creating formulations. Bruce has a nephew with autism, which originally inspired his drive to create an alternative option. Over the past three years, we have personally witnessed, as well as experienced, in our own bodies - the overwhelmingly positive effects of his creations. At our core, his work inspires our mission.