We Were Fu@%ing Fed Up

Two humans from very different walks of life became friends about 3 years ago, when introduced at a music festival.  Despite that tiny factoid, they are anything but cliches. Buck, a former Wall Street executive who lost everything in 2009, and Marion, a transient silversmith who’s aspirations for furthering her craft fell apart in 2018, shared one sentiment in common even before they met.  “It doesn’t have to be this hard.” 

Ironically, they both also found the hemp industry as they were independently putting the pieces back together.  They remained friends after their first meet, brainstorming ideas on how they could rewrite their own stories, while helping others do the same.  In December 2018, alongside legalization in California, One Tru Human was born.  

The OTH brand and brand house have two key functions: to give people access to the highest quality hemp products and education that has been suppressed by our evil overlords for far too long, and to give aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to take a crack at creating their own brand and business.  All of our products have benefits that are clear and tailored to your needs, and have been created by individuals who just needed a chance. It’s not that fu@%ing hard to share constructive, productive ways to make lives better and celebrate the journey. It’s a wild ride, so we took it upon ourselves to do what was in our bones and really quite simple.  We reject the status quo. We demand more for ourselves and everyone around us. We are humans, helping other humans. Are you One Tru Human?