Our Story

One Tru Human was created through one core belief... hemp could heal the world.

The dedication to this core belief led to the creation of One Tru Human's USDA Certified (Culinary Grade) CBD Formula. The drive to provide accessibility and customer care stems from CEO and Co-Founder Marion Brooks own personal evolution with CBD.

As a young woman, Marion's nomadic lifestyle encouraged a profound sense of curiosity for inward expansion after outwardly discovering the world. No matter where she went, she struggled with numerous forms of anxiety and depression. Marion wanted to encourage change in her mind but hadn't found positive coping styles until her pivotal encounter with the hemp plant.

Serendipity extended itself to Marion, who was open to receiving the benefits of CBD without her mind objecting. CBD encouraged her body to naturally support itself.

 Today Marion explores deep interests in movement as expression.

Her body has felt the rewards of change and growth as her mind has grown strong with confidence to tackle exploring new styles of communicating and business.

Marion's results within herself have reaffirmed her commitment to providing an affordable and accessible CBD Oil.

Our highest vision is that you experience a similar journey.

We imagines our product as a key.

We imagine locks in your mind and body.

May our key unlock the doors you wish to open.

May those doors lead to your own personal vision of peace.